What we do

Solterra is a solar energy company offering easy, supply-to-installation services for homes and business in the Philippines. We take you through a simple, convenient process of switching from traditional energy sources to solar – a cleaner, lower-cost option.


Learning about solar basics and benefits


Creating tailor-fit solutions for your energy needs


Managing from sourcing to interconnection

Why we do it


Simply, we believe solar is a better way of powering homes and businesses through clean, low-cost energy.


Traditional power sources like coal and oil are harmful to our environment and are becoming more expensive each year. By providing services that make it easy and convenient, we help you switch to a better source of energy—which is not only a step towards more sustainable living, but also helps you save money.


How we do it

Being in the business since 2013, we’ve grown from servicing households in Metro Manila to offering our expertise to bigger projects in other areas. Our growth has allowed us to expand our coverage to more locations, including Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Pampanga, and Batangas. To date, we’ve managed over 100 projects. From installing simple home systems, we now service projects for businesses that save hundreds of thousands of pesos each year on electricity. Learn more about our residential and commercial projects.

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