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Business Projects

Solterra brings in dramatic savings upwards of six figures yearly for your business whilst still sustaining regular operations—allowing you to maximize funds and invest in greater growth. To make it even easier and more convenient, all our projects are managed by our solar experts from sourcing-to-installation.

Rest, Relaxation, and Reserves

10kW System Installation

Our clients, the management of a leisure resort in Mexico, Pampanga, wanted to decrease their monthly operational expenses, in order to optimize funds and invest more in new facilities and improvements for their hotel. However, they had to do so whilst still powering a few dozen guest rooms with air-conditioning, televisions, and small refrigerators constantly turned on—not to mention resort amenities that also require continuous energy.

To help curb expenses, they decided to install a solar power system in early 2018. With reservations already made, we had to ensure the installation was as discreet and quick as possible—with no interruption to the hotel’s regular operations and guests. The 10kW system was installed in just two days! With the system set up, monthly bill decreased by around Php10,000, for annual savings of around Php120,000—equivalent to a 14,200kWh consumption! 

System Details

Date: January 2018
Duration: 2-3 Days Installation

System: 10kw Capacity
Panels: 40 REC Solar Panels
Inverter: 2 Units, Growatt New Energy

After Solar

Monthly Savings: Php 10,000
Monthly Produced: 1180 kWh
Note: Based on May 2018 Bill

Est. Annual Savings: Php 120,000
Est. Annual Output: 14200 kWh

Big Savings, Bigger Business

35kW System Installation

A commercial establishment located in Valenzuela City wanted to decrease operational expenses, by means of their power cost. Employees regularly use computers on their work stations, lights, and fans during work hours; while the establishment’s large air conditioning units are in use all day. Their total consumption goes up to a monthly average of Php 40,000 worth of electricity.

By January 2018, management decided to install a 35kW system to help decrease expenses, especially in the long run. Their monthly electric bill was reduced by almost 70%, amounting to just Php 12,440! A drastic drop, that provided them an estimated annual saving of an Php 330,000 which they can use for business expansion.

System Details

Date: January 2018
Duration: 8-10 Days Installation

System: 35kw Capacity
Panels: 140 REC Solar Panels
Inverter: SolaX Power

After Solar

Monthly Savings: Php 27,560
Monthly Produced: 4210 kWh
Note: Based on April 2018 Bill

Est. Annual Savings: Php 330,000
Est. Annual Output: 50000 kWh

Bringing Home the Bacon

40kW System Installation

A large food commissary in Quezon City runs from 9AM to 6PM, with multiple rooms in full blast air-conditioning and lighting. They also operate numerous work stations to manage the business. It’s a big space, with an even bigger electric bill of Php75,000 to Php80,000 monthly. Management was looking for a way to help manage expenses and wondered if installing renewable energy could be of service.

They finally decided on a 40kW system, with about 120 solar panels that required installation. In just about 15 days, everything was up, running and saving. By June 2019, their bill dropped to just Php42,000, about 43% lower than before. With an estimated annual output of 55000kW, their savings are estimated to reach a whopping Php385,000! A definite return on their investment.

System Details

Date: April 2019
Duration: 15 Days Installation

System: 40kw Capacity
Panels: 120 Canadian Solar Panels
Inverter: 2 SolaX Power (20kW, 3-phase)

After Solar

Monthly Savings: Php 42,580
Monthly Produced: 4580 kWh
Note: Based on June 2019 Bill

Est. Annual Savings: Php 385,000
Est. Annual Output: 55000 kWh