Peace of mind throughout your Solterra experience.

It’s important for buyers to know their systems will be working in the long run so that they can get the most out of their investment. In order to ensure product quality and customer happiness, systems installed by Solterra include the following guarantees and warranties:

25-year Performance Guarantee for Solar Panels

Our performance guarantee means that Solterra solar panels are expected to generate power within 80% output capacity for up to 25 years. Built using the latest poly-PERC technology, our solar panels are both durable and reliable over long periods of time. Performance is expected to lower at less than 1% year-on-year, giving buyers a significant return on investment.

Product Warranty for Equipment

10-year Product Warranty for Solar Panels
5-year Product Warranty for Solar Inverters

Our product warranty primarily covers manufacturing defects. If the solar panel or inverter does not function due to faulty wiring, warping, and other manufacturer errors, then we will replace the unit with a new one.

However, physical damage to panels and inverters due to mishandling and extreme environmental conditions are not covered.

1-year Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship warranty covers anything installation-related, such as roof leaks or other damages.