As a general rule, we recommend solar panel systems optimized to fit your home and usage during the day, taking up to 40-50% off your monthly electric bill.

Here’s an example of how much savings solar energy can provide for typical Filipino homes:

Maximize savings with the right system size

Although larger solar panel systems are capable of producing more power for your home, it doesn’t mean that is what your household needs—it’s crucial to consider first how much power your household consumes in a day. On one hand, installing a system too large for your regular consumption will result in a lot of wasted power. A system too small, on the other hand, will result in a more expensive price per watt.

Take for instance, a household with significant daytime power use* and an electric bill of around P9,000 per month. Installing a 3kW system—just the right size for the household’s needs—will result in savings of around P4,000 a month, or a 44% bill reduction.

*Assume the daytime usage runs at 40-50% of total energy consumption, with the rest at night due to light and air-conditioner usage.

If that same household installs a bigger 5kW system capable of saving P7,000 a month, they might not be able to utilize its full capacity and increase savings. Instead, a lot of the excess power produced may simply not be consumed. Since the household’s estimated consumption during the day adds up to just about P4,000, the remaining P3,000 worth of energy will simply be wasted.

It’s still best to consult a solar professional—feel free to contact us for a free recommendation for your home.

Accumulating savings through solar

For most households, savings of 40-50% already creates a huge difference; but what makes solar power even more appealing is its durability.

A solar panel system will last decades with barely any maintenanceyielding significant savings over time.

Note: Changing electricity rates per year were not included in this computation.

What if solar isn’t enough?

What if I want savings greater than 50%, or maybe even zeroing out my bill?

What if a large portion of our power use is at night due to air-conditioning?

What if the home is empty during the day, but we want to save more?

Solar power can only offset daytime usage. If you want more savings, we recommend applying for the Net Metering system to fully optimize solar power and maybe even zero out your bill. Learn more about it here.