We’ve got answers to the most frequently asked questions about Net Metering and how Solterra can help you get it for your home. Read on to learn more!


What is Net Metering?

The Net Metering system allows homeowners and businesses to sell excess power produced by their solar panels to Meralco in exchange for peso credits.

What benefits do I get with Net Metering?

Once registered, you’ll automatically earn peso credits for the excess power you sell-off to Meralco. Peso credits can be used to pay for and reduce your monthly electric bill.

How much will Meralco pay me for the electricity I send out?

Under Net Metering rules, Meralco buys excess power at its average purchasing cost from power plants, or what is known as blended generation cost (As of November 2018, Meralco buys exported power at Php 5.27 per kWh).

What if I export a lot of electricity and earn peso credits more than my bill amount?

Peso credits exceeding the amount you have due will be carried over to the next month, and so on, until fully consumed—peso credits are not convertible to cash.

How do I know how much I earned from my exports?

Once you’ve successfully installed and registered your net metering system, you’ll have a new line in your Meralco bill that states the amount of electricity you’ve exported for the month and the equivalent peso credits you’ve earned.

Will my meter reverse or go backwards?

Your meter will never reverse or go backwards, as Meralco will install two meters or a bi-directional meter that will count consumption and exports separately.

How does all of this work with solar power?

Solar energy will first be used to power your home—if production exceeds your home or business’ usage, the excess will go out to the grid and push your export meter forward.

Do I need Net Metering for the solar panels to work?

No, as having solar panels installed will immediately save money through decreasing usage of power from Meralco—but the advantage of the Net Metering system is having your excess solar power converted to peso credits, which will add to your monthly savings.


What is the application process for Net Metering?

Start your Net Metering application today! Just follow these simple steps: How to Apply.

How long does the application take?

The application takes around 2 to 3 months, as Meralco will have to verify and process your submitted documents.

How much should I expect to pay for the application cost?

Application costs vary from Php 20,000 to Php 35,000 for the entire process.

What is the breakdown of the fees/charges?

Distribution Impact Study Fee: Php 1,900

Certificate of Compliance Fee: Php 1,500

Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (varies): Php 5,000

Costs of Service Entrance Modifications (varies): Php 8,000 to Php 20,000

Can I start my application for Net Metering even without solar panels installed?

Yes, but it is necessary for your solar panel system to be installed for Meralco to perform routine tests before installing the new meter/s. (See Step 8, on How to Apply)

Can I apply without an established connection with Meralco?

An existing Meralco connection is needed.

Does Meralco reject Net Metering applications?

So far we have never heard or experienced rejection of a Net Metering application, as Meralco will reject your application only due to unpaid bills.

How many homes or businesses are currently enrolled in Net Metering with Meralco?

Meralco counts over 1,000 Net Metering customers as of October 2017. Source: PhilStar

What if I don't want to apply for Net Metering?

There is no requirement to apply for Net Metering if you have solar panels. The only downside is that your excess power will not be converted to peso credits, and will simply be unused.

Applying with Solterra

Will Solterra process the application for me?

Solterra will provide you with the paperwork, free of charge, and walk you through the application process—however, you will need to personally coordinate with Meralco to process your application. We also do not cover any Net Metering-related fees.

What will I get for my Net Metering application when I install with Solterra?

Solterra will provide you with the necessary paperwork and requirements, completely filled out and ready to be submitted to your Meralco Business Center. With Solterra, you’ll also have assurance that the equipment used to install your Net Metering system is approved and has passed Meralco’s standards.

We also provide step-by-step assistance with your application and for any issues regarding your system.

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