Ready to bring the power of solar energy to your home? You already know the benefits—here’s how you can get closer to a life of eco- and cost-friendly power.


10 Steps to Net Metering with Solterra

If you are paying your electric bills on time, then you’re ready to take the next step to bring net metering into your home. Follow the steps below and you’ll be living green in no time!

Step 1

Solterra will provide you with the Net Metering documents

The following documents will be provided – completely filled-up and ready to be submitted to your Meralco Business Center:

  1. A request letter
  2. Plant parameters for net metering
  3. Application for interconnection
  4. ERC Certificate of Compliance
  5. Equipment datasheet and certifications
  6. Single line diagram, location map
Step 2

Submit the documents to your Meralco Business Center

Submit the completed documents along with photocopies of one (1) government ID and a recent Meralco bill to your Meralco Business Center. Meralco will process your documents within two weeks.

Step 3

Receive request letter for Distribution Impact Study

Meralco will send you a request letter for Distribution Impact Study (DIS) along with the service fee. They will ask to assess your home to determine if it is a right fit for the net metering scheme.

Step 4

Pay the Distribution Impact Study fee

Settle the processing fee of Php 1,900 at your Meralco business center. Meralco will then conduct the Distribution Impact Study, and results will be available after 4 weeks.

Step 5

Distribution Impact Study results and modification requirements

Meralco will release your DIS results and inform you of the required modifications needed to bring net metering into your home. An accredited Meralco contractor will perform these changes for you, and get your Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) from the City Hall.

Cost of modifications range between Php8,000 to Php20,000 depending on the requirements.

Step 6

Submit Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection

Submit the CFEI to your Meralco Business Center.

Step 7

Notarize Contracts

Meralco will provide you with a Fixed Asset Boundary Document (FABD) and net metering agreement to look over and notarize. Once completed, you just have to submit these to your Meralco business center, and wait 2-4 weeks for the documents to be processed.

Step 8

Pay ERC Certificate of Compliance fee

Last thing you need is to prepare a manager’s check of Php 1,500, addressed to the ERC and submit to your Meralco business center.

Installation of the Solar Panel System can occur anytime before completion of Step 8. Systems should be in place before meters are installed, to allow Meralco testing.

Step 9

Schedule Meter Installation

Once all these requirements have been completed, Meralco will schedule a date to install your new bi-directional meter for the net metering scheme!


You’re done and ready to save!

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